Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA members participate in Early Service Training

Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA members came together at UMass Amherst for Early Service Training (EST) in October. Throughout the three-day training, VISTA members solidified a sense of belonging and community among the cohort, deepened their understanding of their roles as VISTA members and developed transferable skills that will impact their personal and professional lives.
EST Training

Campus Compact Americorps VISTA members completed Early Service Training (EST) in October. EST prepares new VISTA members for a successful service year by providing opportunities to develop professional skills, build community, and share their visions for their projects.

During EST, VISTA members had the opportunity to learn about non-profit and community-based work, resource development, working in higher education and the importance of creating service goals. The goal of the training was to provide professional development experiences that meet the needs of VISTA members, correspond to the realities of the position, and are useful in service-oriented roles.  

Michael Golden, a second-year Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA member at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, expressed why the Working in Higher Education session was useful to him and his project. 

Working in higher education was the most helpful, because I came away with specific suggestions and strategies for engaging with the confusing system of academia. Matt and Lindsey were effective presenters and framed their experiences in ways that I found relatable and applicable to my own experience with higher ed. Additionally, their presentation expanded on my knowledge of academia with specific resources to pursue when I returned to my site.”

Another important aspect of EST was to create a space for members to solidify a sense of belonging and community among the cohort. VISTA members had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time and form long-lasting connections through networking and community-building activities led by VISTA leaders. 

Jessica Reilly, Campus Compact AmeriCorps VISTA member at the College for Social Innovation, reflected on her EST experience. I really valued coming together in person as I think it’ll make our weekly meetings more personable and enjoyable now that we’ve all met each other.”

EST Highlights

The Service Goals session

VISTA members participating in the Service Goals session led by VISTA Leaders.

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EST Highlights 2
EST Highlights 2

Self-care night

After a long day, VISTA members enjoyed a much needed self-care night!

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