The Community Colleges Network is a Campus Compact affinity network dedicated to preparing community college students to be informed, active, and mobilized leaders in our democracy. We believe preparing students for democracy and preparing them for the workforce, careers, and continued education are mutually reinforcing.

Community colleges are central to Campus Compact’s mission of ensuring that higher education is contributing to the health and strength of our democracy. Community colleges enroll nearly half of all students and play a disproportionate role in educating students from communities that face exclusion, as well as first-generation students from all backgrounds.

2022-2023 Network Objectives

  • Rejuvenate the network
  • Launch communications that foster shared learning and highlight the impact of Community Colleges Network members
  • Elevate member expertise and capacity through programming, communications, and initiatives
    • Create spaces that balance addressing challenges and highlighting best practices/opportunities
    • Center capacity building for individuals and institutions
  • Foster strategic partnerships with leading community college-focused initiatives and efforts
  • Launch the Community Colleges Network Fellows program with two fellows focused on network building and facilitation and research
  • Expand the engagement of Community Colleges Network members with existing Compact programs and offerings
  • Build the foundation for growth and long-term sustainability of the network

Community College Resources