The Campus Climate Action Corps (CCAC) Environment for Everyone campaign promotes individual climate actions to help reduce the harmful impacts of climate change by providing information, resources, and opportunities to people of all demographics. 

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the stealthy champion in our climate action playbook. By smartening up our spaces with energy-saving upgrades, we’re not only slashing utility costs but also joining the global effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions. It’s a savvy move that benefits both the environment and our wallets, empowering us to invest in further green initiatives or educational programs. Energizing our approach to energy use is a crucial step towards a sustainable and vibrant future.

The Environment for Everyone Campaign will disseminate tips and tricks for individuals, businesses, and institutions of higher education to become more energy efficient. 

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Ecosystem Health

Ecosystem health is essential in maintaining our planet’s balance, and it starts right in our backyards. By adopting eco-friendly gardening practices, like planting native species, we’re not just beautifying our spaces; we’re bolstering local habitats and biodiversity. Individuals and institutions alike can make a real impact by choosing plants that support pollinators, conserving water with smart landscaping, and avoiding harmful chemicals. These actions create resilient green spaces that thrive naturally, contributing to the overall vitality of our environment. It’s a proactive step that nurtures nature, supports wildlife, and fosters a healthier ecosystem for us all. 

Stay tuned for more ecosystem health content from CCAC's Environment for Everyone campaign! 

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Ecosystem Health Resources

Visit the links below for DIY ecosystem health projects for you and your community: 

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Rethinking our Grass Lawns


How to Transform Your Lawn

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