The K2H Civic Futures AmeriCorps Program is currently inactive. During programming, K2H Civic Futures engages AmeriCorps Members in national service focused on developing and supporting community-based learning for youth from kindergarten through graduate school. AmeriCorps members connect academic content with real-world issues in a way that allows youth to be part of a solution for change. Through the Civic Futures program, K-12 schools and higher education institutions build pipelines for civic learning and engagement and create opportunities for youth to be meaningfully involved in their communities, regardless of their starting point.

A program to strengthen higher education, taken together with a program for the support of elementary and secondary education, will strengthen our Nation.
- Harry S. Truman

Program Goals

  1. Develop, expand, or support evidence-based civic learning and engagement programs in K-12 or community-based sites
  2. Create reciprocal partnerships between K-12 schools, community-based organizations focused on civic learning and engagement, and higher education partners that will be sustained after national service grant funding ends
  3. Expand civic engagement opportunities for K-12 youth
  4. Expand civic learning opportunities for K-12 youth

Program Structure

Campus Compact provides full- and part-time AmeriCorps members to implement or expand civic learning and engagement programs at K-12 schools or in community-based organizations. All placements are done in partnership with higher education institutions.

Part-time AmeriCorps Members

  • Serve a minimum of 300 hours in one year as Civic Mentors
  • Receive an education award of about $1,311
  • Can be students recruited from academic or co-curricular programs aligned with the goals of K-H partnership development and civic learning and engagement initiatives
  • Can provide direct instruction or student support, either during class or through extended-day programming
  • Can serve hours through AmeriCorps that overlap with hours dedicated to curricular or co-curricular programs, as long as the AmeriCorps hours exceed any hours required through the curricular or co-curricular programs

Full-time AmeriCorps Members

  • Serve a minimum of 1,700 hours in one year as Civic Navigators
  • Receive a $14,280 living stipend and an education award commensurate with a Pell Grant
  • Can be students, recruited from within the community, or recruited through the national AmeriCorps recruitment system
  • Can provide training to part-time members, serve directly with K-12 students, support K-H partnership development, focus on grant writing and resource development in support of a civic learning and engagement program, assist with Civic Health & Equity mapping and assessment, and serve as liaisons between the K-12 school or community partner site and the higher education partner.