Leah Porter

Program Manager, College Renaissance Corps
Phone: (720) 244-8911

Leah Porter is Campus Compact's College Renaissance Corps Program Manager. She is based in Denver, Colorado.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Leah Porter, an inspiring first-generation college graduate, embodies resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to education. Her transformative journey began in 2014 when she embarked on the path of education as an adult learner at Arapahoe Community College. There, she earned an Associate of Arts in Business, laying the foundation for her transition to the University of Colorado Denver. Displaying remarkable tenacity and a passion for learning, Leah achieved the notable feat of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Business. 

Post-graduation, Leah returned to her alma mater, Arapahoe Community College, assuming the role of an Admissions Counselor. Driven to make an even greater impact in the realm of education, she pursued and successfully completed her Master’s in Education, Leadership, Organization, and Entrepreneurship from Harvard Graduate School of Education. This educational pursuit enriched her knowledge and fueled her aspiration to effect substantial change.

Upon returning to Colorado, Leah was the Grant Project Manager for the STEM Leadership Academy at Red Rocks Community College. In this role, she fervently champions students’ retention in the STEM pathway and strives relentlessly to enhance students’ success in higher education.

Leah is excited to continue her passion as the Program Manager at the College Renaissance Corps (CR Corps). She brings a distinctive blend of academic accomplishments, professional expertise, and an unwavering commitment to the program’s mission, rendering her an invaluable asset to the initiative’s launch in Denver. This program empowers community college students like Leah to emerge as industry and community leaders. Through CR Corps, students can connect with industry leaders, build transferable career skills, and become leaders in the workplace and their communities.