The Rural Serving Institutions Affinity Network is a new ongoing collegial network of institutions serving rural communities.

Faculty, practitioners, and senior leaders at rural serving institutions are invited to join for networking, building partnerships, sharing best practices, and discussing the unique role rural serving institutions play in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing society.

What to expect from the Rural Serving Institutions Affinity Network
  • Peer learning
  • Advocacy for funding to support rural campuses
  • Storytelling and sharing about the impact of higher education community engagement on rural areas
  • Opportunities for Innovation
  • Webinar series on topics of interest for rural serving institutions

Rural Serving Institutions Affinity Network meetings

Join colleagues from across the country for quarterly virtual meetings as we form this new network and build connections across institutions.

Campus Compact Rural Engagement Network Fellow

Stephanie Lesperance

Chief Strategy Officer, Campus Compact for New Hampshire