Community engaged research is most challenging for global public health scientific ventures, particularly those involving new and controversial strategies and those in which risks and/or rewards for communities may be poorly understood. In this context, according to these authors, “…too few researchers authentically grapple with questions about what the precise nature of a given research community is, what constitutes fair and meaningful authorization by a community, whether dissenting voices should be afforded a fair opportunity for expression, or whether some control of important aspects of a research project can truly be ceded to the community without compromising the quality or integrity of the research.” (Lavery et al, 282) In response these authors describe a framework that provides a starting point for broader discussions of community engaged scholarship ethics in global health research, particularly as it relates to the development, evaluation and application of new technologies.

Lavery, J.V. et al. (2010). Towards a framework for community engagement in global health research. Trends in Parasitology, 26(6), 279-283.