The Interdependence: Global Solidarity and Local Actions Toolkit is a collective on-line learning initiative to bring together educators, organizers, and learners who all share a commitment to building more just, inclusive, and sustainable communities. The Toolkit can be adapted in myriad ways, including for setting expectations in civic engagement projects or education abroad; pre-travel considerations of applied ethical research; preparing for place-based learning; cross-cultural/ international team building; in lieu of a textbook for a social/global issues coursel as ‘flipped classroom’ group work and beyond. The theme-based template allows users to scale their approach, picking and choosing from the multi-dimensional offerings to engage in many facets of one theme through different formats (visual, audio, text, discussion prompts, etc.). The pages are also designed so that learners can engage with them at their own pace, or along a set timeline; both synchronously and asynchronously.

Access the Interdependence Toolkit

Visit the Community-Based Global Learning Collaborative's webpage to view the full Toolkit.