The Holleran Center for Community Action and Public Policy at Connecticut College is a multidisciplinary, academic center that is dedicated to teaching, research, and community collaborations that foster active citizenship and community leadership in a multicultural, democratic society. Directed by an advisory board composed of college and community representatives, the center oversees three major areas: 1) The Program in Community Action (PICA), 2) Community Learning Course Development, 3) Community Partnerships and Public Policy.

The Holleran Center also promotes the development of community learning courses at the College. Community learning takes many forms, including internships, action research, and courses with required service components. The common denominator is the deliberate linking of service, academic study, and structured reflection. The Center and the College s Office of Volunteers for Community Service have strong relationships with community-based organizations and municipal governments and offer support to faculty for the development of community learning and assist with the training, placement, and supervision of students at service sites.

The Center fosters institutional community engagement and has entered into a number of Community Partnerships and Public Policy initiatives in areas of education, health and wellness, economic development, and art, culture and public space. The Center and the College s Office of Community and Public Policy sponsor the Common Ground/Common Hour, a series of dialogues about innovations in public policy with leading experts from public life and the academy. Community members join students, staff, and faculty in these vigorous dialogues.

Contact person: Margaret Sheridan, Director, Holleran Center for Community Action & Public Policy,