Released in February 2021, the Primer on the Benefits and Value of Civic & Community Engagement in Higher Education, was created by the NC Campus Compact Community of Practice, Inquiry & Learning (COPIL). COPIL is comprised of practitioner-scholars interested in being part of the ongoing inquiry that is helping to establish promising practices of civic and community engagement and to build a knowledge base around it.  While the Primer project was envisioned in fall 2019 in response to a growing critique of the “social justice” goals of higher education, the urgency of it’s purpose was increased due to the challenges of 2020 – the global pandemic, racial unrest, and political polarization and threats to democracy.

North Carolina Campus Compact's Community of Practice, Inquiry, and Learning (COPIL). (2021). A primer on the benefits and value of civic and community engagement in higher education. In L. Garvin, P. H. Clayton, J. D. Brazell-Brayboy, K. Medlin, & E. Kohl (Eds.), Contributions of civic and community engagement in higher education series. North Carolina Campus Compact.