This monograph, prepared originally in 2007 and updated in 2021, offers advice for both community-based and campus-based people who wish to form partnerships for collaborative, community-based research (CBR). It was developed by university and community representatives who have engaged in CBR, many of whom are members of University Neighborhood Partners’ (UNP) Community Research Collaborative and addresses four basic questions: what is the UNP and what is its role in CBR?; what does the University of Utah require of faculty or student research projects?; what additional processes and principles make community based research mutually beneficial?; and how can partners think through their community based research project together? This updated monograph includes an expanded set of principles and integrates lessons learned from the growth of CBR over the last 15 years.

Community Based Research Collaborative (2021). IN IT TOGETHER: Community-Based Research Guidelines for Communities and Higher Education. Salt Lake City: University of Utah.