Recording, Slides, Resources: Local Issues in Global Context, Racism and Structural Inequality

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Dr. Nicole Stokes, Associate Provost for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at St. Joseph’s University and Dr. Eric Hartman, Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship at Haverford College presented A Toolkit for Understanding Local Issues in Global Context, Including Racism and Structural Inequality. View the slides here. The structural racism page mentioned in the webinar is here, while the entire toolkit is here.  Beginning with a focus on how to live and practice racial equity everyday, Dr. Stokes and Dr. Hartman shared a set of resources designed to expand local understanding of global injustices, and ways to foster classroom discussions and dialogues about inequality and racial discrimination. The goal is not for educators to become experts in diversity and inclusion but rather how to create spaces and opportunities that do not shut down these conversations in the classroom or in schools (broadly). The resource sharing and discussion spanned everyday interactions to consideration and understanding of structural and historical injustices. Educators who took part were exposed to resources that can help advance their own practices and curriculum, specifically in respect to understanding structural inequities in local context. This webinar is relevant for educators at the advanced secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels who are facilitating sophisticated introductory conversations at the intersection of large concepts and structures and local, personal applications.  [embed][/embed]
  • 00:00 - Tech Overview, Welcome, and Co-sponsorships 
  • 04:25 - Nora Reynolds introduces the Community-based Global Learning Collaborative and chat facilitation 
  • 08:37 - Eric Hartman provides an overview of structural racism in the Philadelphia region as it intersects with his family history and the opportunity to use the toolkit for orienting students around these issues 
  • 24:32 - Nicole Stokes shares how to make the macro manageable by operationalizing key concepts in everyday living. Her overview includes better understanding microaggressions, building communities of practice around diversity, equity, and inclusion - and more. 
  • 53:34 - Eric Hartman shares additional flipped classroom resources for activating civic and global learning to advance more just, inclusive, sustainable communities, while pointing toward additional resources on addressing racism assembled by Nicole Stokes' team at St. Joseph's University. 
  • 01:01:23 - Q&A discussion
The webinar was co-sponsored by The Community-based Global Learning Collaborative, the Pennsylvania Council for International Education, and the Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development.