Nick Longo Named Campus Compact Deliberative Dialogue Fellow for 2022-2023

Providence College Professor to Support Campus Compact Dialogue & Deliberation Programming

Campus Compact today announced that Nick Longo, Professor in the Department of Global Studies and Faculty Fellow for Engaged Scholarship with the Center for Teaching Excellence at Providence College, will serve as Campus Compact’s Deliberative Dialogue Fellow for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As the Deliberative Dialogue Fellow, Nick will support Campus Compact’s efforts to help members develop and enhance programs that build students’ skills in deliberative dialogue and bridge-building across social differences. Leveraging his forthcoming publication,  Educating Civic Professionals: A Civic Prompt Guide (Campus Compact, 2022), Nick will facilitate interactive sessions that allow participants to practice strategies for fostering students’ development as “citizen professionals,” in ways that aid workforce preparation and help students develop key civic leadership capacities.  will work with the Compact to design, develop, and offer a range of workshops and other activities that will provide network members with practical tools (or what he calls “civic prompts’) that can be put to use with students and professional colleagues to develop competencies as inclusive, civic-minded professionals and publicly-engaged future leaders.

“Given the rising threats to democracy, it is essential that we teach students how to talk across differences, engage the broader public, and solve problems collectively,” said Nick. "That’s why the work Campus Compact is doing to help colleges and universities teach the arts of dialogue, deliberation, and civil discourse is so timely and important. I’m honored to be part of this effort. We will be developing workshops and toolkits for facilitative leadership on college campuses with the aim of educating a new generation of change agents and citizen professionals.”

“We are thankful and thrilled to have Nick play a leadership role in building out our programs, research, and support in deliberative dialogue,” said Campus Compact President Bobbie Laur. “Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that students have the skills and competencies necessary for problem-solving, building bridges, and actively contributing to our democracy. Nick’s work in this space is invaluable and will be a huge asset to our members.”

Nick will be one of the inaugural cohort of Campus Compact fellows, a group of experienced practitioners and field leaders who will advance Campus Compact’s work in key areas.