GSL 6: Scholarships for Community Organization Reps & Incentives for Community-Campus Team Participation

Community Partner Scholarships and Community-Campus Team Participation Incentives at the 6th GSL Summit, Clemson University, November 3 - 5, 2019 

The Globalsl Network will again offer summit registration scholarships for community partner organizations. We are working with our host institution partners at Clemson University to determine the total number of available scholarships. Please Save the Date, and start assembling your team. In addition to this standing commitment to increase diversity of perspectives at the Summit, the network is also altering incentives for Sponsor Institutions to encourage partner participation. Historically, Globalsl Network Sponsors have received five free Summit registrations. For the 6th Summit, Sponsors will receive up to five total free registrations, with two of those free spots reserved for community partners of the sponsoring higher education institution. This move is meant to encourage community-campus team participation. Further, Globalsl Network Partners, who have traditionally received one free registration, will now receive up  to two free registrations, with one of those two registrations reserved for a community partner. More information on registration scholarships, scholarship applications, and other opportunities reserved for community partner organizations will be announced throughout early 2019. We continue these scholarships in an effort to honor our community-driven commitment at the Summit, to encourage global analysis from multiple perspectives, and to learn from the work of social change activists around the world. Our host institution partners at Clemson University are eagerly working with us to carry this tradition forward.