2023-2024 Programming & Resources Outlook

Learn more about what Campus Compact has planned for our coalition for the 2023-2024 academic year!

We recently shared our plans for the upcoming year during the 2023-2024 Campus Compact Outlook (take a look at the recording for more). Scroll down to find an outline of everything we have planned!

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Empowering Institutions & Communities

Convening and building member communities and networks that create deep connections and capacity for impact.

TRUCEN, The Research University Engagement Network, convenes R1 Compact members to share knowledge and strategize together.

The Community Colleges Network convenes members at 2-year colleges to discuss topics of mutual interest, ask questions, provide feedback, and help guide Campus Compact's community college work.

  • Attend a monthly meeting to share learning and resources with other members of the network. (Next meeting: October 5, 12:00 PM ET.)
  • Coming soon: Advancing Civic Engagement at Community Colleges Institute at Compact24
  • Coming soon: a new Resource from Lena Jones, "As the Dust Settles: A Snapshot of Civic and Community Engagement at Community Colleges 2022-23"

New! College Renaissance Corps (CRCorps) is a new AmeriCorps program that empowers community college students in high-demand fields to become leaders in the workplace and their communities.

New! Become a Campus Climate Action Corps (CCAC) host site to host a small team of AmeriCorps members to contribute to sustainability efforts on campus and in local communities. To learn more, Join a CCAC Host Site info session to learn more. (Next session: 9/26)

Our AmeriCorps VISTA program provides capacity for Compact members and their community partners to make an impact on poverty in their communities

Meet other higher education-based AmeriCorps sponsors for resource sharing and collaboration at the Higher Ed AmeriCorps Network Quarterly Call on October 18 at 2:00 PM ET

More you can expect:

  • New! The Rural Engagement Network will support peer learning and advocacy for community engagement on rural campuses. The affinity network will kick off this fall with a virtual webinar series on topics of interest to rural institutions. Get in touch with Natalie Furlett at nfurlett@compact.org for more information.

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Engaging Students

Educating students to be active and informed community members by developing leadership skills & strategies for engagement

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students at Compact member institutions.

  • Coming soon: Applications open for the 2024-2025 cohort of Newman Civic Fellows. Nomination support calls will be offered this fall & winter.
  • Coming soon: Applications for The Allstate Foundation Newman Impact Grants, which will support students in implementing social-action civic engagement in their communities.

The Pathways of Public Service and Civic Engagement is offered in partnership with Stanford University to advance our understanding of students’ interests and predispositions regarding approaches to social change.

  • Compact members are invited to join the working group as a benefit of membership
  • Coming soon: Pathways Session and Working Group meeting as part of our Compact24 conference

More you can expect:

  • New! The Student Design Fellowship will recruit students for a two-year experience to help design and enhance student programming. Applications open this fall. Get in touch with Will Brummett at wbrummett@compact.org to set up an informational meeting.

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Supporting Individuals

Supporting members when they need it most with innovative models and programs, and opportunities to build skills, leadership and capacity for change

Find professional development opportunities and resources that center racial equity, intercultural development, and justice oriented work

  • New! Check out our new publication, Anti-Racist Community Engagement: Principles and Practices, which tackles the critical issue of community engagement in higher education. For those who buy the book in the next week, use code ARCH23 for 20% off and free shipping!
    Coming soon: a Coalition Conversation series facilitated by the editors of the book
  • Coming soon:  "Alignment of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging with Community and Civic Engagement Functions in Higher Education: Drivers, Approaches, and the Experiences," a report by Castel Sweet

With the Community Engagement Professional Credentialing Program, you can earn formal recognition for your knowledge and skills.

The Engaged Scholars Initiative (ESI) is a one-year, cohort-based leadership & professional development program that supports faculty and staff in strengthening their community-engaged scholarship

  • New! Apply to join our newest ESI cohort specifically crafted for mid-career community engagement professionals. Applications due 11/3.
  • Coming soon: applications for the early career faculty and staff ESI cohort

The Changemakers Retreat will offer an opportunity for in-depth transformational personal growth and leadership development for those creating change at their institutions and in their communities.

  • Join us for a Changemakers Retreat info session to learn more about the program and how to get involved (next session: 11/6).
  • Coming soon: applications for next summer's Changemakers Retreat

Attend Resourcing for Success sessions to for inspiration and learning about cultivating resources and fundraising for civic and community engagement

New! Partnerships that link research to practice with Campus Compact, IARSLCE, and the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning (MJCSL). Register for our upcoming virtual discussion with authors from the latest issue of the MJCSL on November 2.

New! Faculty Development learning community facilitated by Star Plaxton-Moore. Over seven sessions, faculty will explore ways to integrate community-engaged principles, practices, and pedagogies into their work. Register now to join the learning community (first session: 11/9).

More you can expect:

  • More Communities of Practice will be held in the spring and summer, with facilitators able to propose topics of their choice!

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Advancing the Field

Collaborating with organizations and our members to advance civic and community engagement through innovative practices for change

Join us for the Compact24 national conference to attend the largest and most inclusive national conference focused on the role of higher education in building healthy communities & fostering a just and equitable democracy.

  • Registration is now open to all members and non-members. Register today to secure your ticket at the lowest possible rate.
  • We are seeking institutions and organizations to sponsor our conference. Contribute to this field-level event and receive special benefits.

The Campus Compact Impact Awards recognize outstanding achievement in higher education civic and community engagement practice

Our new federal policy agenda aims to raise awareness about the role of higher ed in critical issues facing communities, secure funding opportunities for civic and community engagement, and brief members on important federal issues.

  • New! Join us for our first quarterly policy briefing on FY24 budget Congressional resolutions and implications for Compact members (October 11).
  • Coming soon: 6-part Virtual Learning Series as part of the HUD + Higher Ed Engagement Network on building affordable housing strategies for individuals and leaders interested in exploring the development of affordable housing strategies for their campuses.

Opportunities for presidents & senior leaders to engage with each other and other field leaders to make meaningful institutional impact

  • Join the Education for All Presidents' community to strategize about supporting each other across state lines and preparing for upcoming challenges and opportunities that are sure to impact us all. (next session: 10/18)
  • The Inaugural Campus Compact Community Engagement Policy & Impact Summit to be held November 14 and 15 in Washington D.C.  If you are interested in attending, reach out to Bobbie at blaur@compact.org

More you can expect:

  • New! Civil discourse tools you can use, including syllabi, lesson plans, expanded program models and case studies, and faculty and staff professional development opportunities
  • Opportunities to participate in Campus Compact strategic planning as we set goals for the coming years
  • Opportunities to plan and develop Campus Museums of Service, including a demonstration exhibit at Compact24.
  • Tools for building intergenerational collaboration with Campus Cogenerate, including the new resource "The Power and Promise of Intergenerational Collaboration: Higher Education Institutions as Proving Ground."

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