From the president

Zarah Vidriezca, a second-year legal studies major and first-generation student at the University of La Verne, is an engaged civic leader committed to strengthening student voices in our democracy as the Andrew Goodman Foundation Vote Everywhere Ambassador. Zarah’s passion to uplift youth voices is rooted in her dedication to justice and raising awareness around social justice issues. She also educates and supports her peers as a writing and legal studies tutor in La Verne’s Academic Success Center, which is dedicated to providing all students with the tools and resources to become and remain engaged learners. Zarah embodies the spirit of La Verne’s core values as demonstrated through her efforts of civic and community engagement, diversity and inclusion, ethical reasoning and lifelong learning. Her courage and involvement on campus and in the community is inspiring and unquestionably important.

Devorah Lieberman


University of La Verne

zarah vidriezca

Personal Statement

As I grew older, I became aware of the damage the justice system has caused to entire communities as it has failed to protect those it is supposed to protect. Because of this, I strive to protect the rights of those who are victimized by the system by earning my law degree and becoming a defense attorney. Today, I am a firm believer of the fundamental right to a just and fair legal process. In addition, I am committed to the bettering of my community through civic and community engagement. On campus, I work to promote voter education and have developed education campaigns on topics including the value of voting, reproductive rights, and gun control. Through my involvement in the community, I seek to educate and empower students to cast their ballot and to become active members of their community.

Zarah Vidriezca

Legal Studies

University of La Verne