From the president

Paul Nguyen,’26 is studying Political Science and Economics and is a leader at Macalester College in advocating for community-based issues. His passion for social justice focuses on housing justice, community engagement, and youth opportunities. On campus, he is a Bonner Scholar who is committed to being an effective change to his campus and beyond. Paul has worked to improve opportunities for youth communities by serving on the Saint Paul Youth Commission where he advocated for resources to youth. Off campus, Paul uses his skills to work with the City council to advocate for social issues that affect the neighborhoods around him, including working with a local elementary school 8-10 hours per week. He has designed presentations for Council members to review and compiled data on social issues affecting Saint Paul neighborhoods. Paul wants to eliminate injustices through the use of empirical research in policy evaluations to protect and ensure the best for his community. Paul has shown strong leadership in social activism and hopes to inspire others around him to do the same.

Suzanne Rivera


Macalester College


Personal Statement

Coming from an immigrant Vietnamese household, my family and I have seen and experienced various injustices. This has enhanced my commitment to social justice which is centered on my community. During the pandemic, I volunteered with my local food shelf on Fridays. Realizing these food insecurities came from systematic problems, I engaged in social activism through the Asian American Organizing Project, where I advocated for social justice issues such as voter rights and racial justice. This is one of the places where I learned to navigate social issues that were important to my community. I’ve also served as a Council Assistant at City Council where I aided in drafting legislation regarding community engagement and pioneered a project on supporting housing policies and tenant protections. Through this work, I also coordinated several portfolios regarding social issues challenging Saint Paul. Taking these skills with me on campus, I became involved with the Bonner Community Scholars where I volunteer at local elementary schools to build strong relationships between the campus and the public. I hope to continue to build a stronger community while advocating for social justice as a Newman Civic Fellow. My identity is foundational in fueling this commitment.

Paul Nguyen

Political Science

Macalester College