From the president

Mitzy Duarte Chavarin is a senior majoring in Social Work with a minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Bridgewater State University (BSU). Since transferring to BSU, Mitzy has gotten involved with social justice initiatives on campus and works with a local grassroots advocacy organization. She has experience as an impressive student leader at her previous university, co-founding and co-leading the Latinx Student Union, which focused on creating an inclusive space for students of color at a predominantly white institution. This year, Mitzy has brought those skills to BSU and is serving as the secretary of a student organization that supports first generation college students. She is also involved in community organizing efforts specifically focusing on immigrant rights in our local community. She is strengthening her advocacy skills and applying them to campaigns and community building efforts to create real change. She is collaborative in her approach and finds unique ways to lift the voices of marginalized communities. She is eager to develop knowledge and strengthen her skills to make an even greater impact on the community through the Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellowship. President Frederick W. Clark Jr., Esq.

Frederick W. Clark Jr. Esquire


Bridgewater State University


Personal Statement

As a first-gen, low-income immigrant student, being involved with social justice is powerful to me. It gives me a platform to address inequalities I have personally faced and continue to face. Being actively involved gives me the opportunity to advocate for others who are in similar situations to me. I am passionate about advocating for students of color, undocumented immigrants, and addressing injustices in my community. As a Justice Fellow, working with a local grassroots advocacy organization, I’m gaining experience working with several experienced community organizers. I have learned more about how politics and local government work. For instance, how communities can be affected by people in powerful positions. I have learned more about activism and access to resources. I have worked with a team to advocate for immigrants’ rights in the local community through listening sessions, demonstrations, and storytelling. I have learned that addressing public problems takes a team approach, collaboration, and accountability. The start of addressing root causes of social issues is educating ourselves and others about the issues and getting involved in our communities. I want to continue to take action by being a voice for my community as a student and as a future social worker.

Mitzy Duarte Chavarin

Major: Social Work Minor Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Bridgewater State University