From the president

Mirka Sosa, a third-year student at Georgetown University, leads her fellow undergraduates by the inspiring example of her commitment to the migrant community in Washington, DC, and beyond. She has coordinated multiple programs serving Latinx youth and families in the District of Columbia, including an English language tutoring program and a partnership with the Latin American Youth Center to mentor and support Latinx teens. She is also a leader in student government, where she has advocated on behalf of low-income students and worked to improve access to mental health services on campus. Across all of her work in these programs, she has demonstrated a profound commitment to peer education and collaboration, leading students in deep reflection on the issues that face the communities they serve. Through reflection, mentorship, and example, she ensures that her peers are able to experience the power that they can build alongside members of the migrant community in order to address those issues and work for justice. After graduation, Mirka hopes to become an immigration attorney, to continue her work on behalf of immigrants and the Latinx community.

John J. DeGioia


Georgetown University


Personal Statement

Growing up in a Latinx community in Texas I witnessed the struggle of navigating systems of power like migration, labor, and education. From a young age I participated in grassroot efforts and worked in nonprofits that empowered the migrants in my area. Being a FGLI student has presented me with various obstacles at Georgetown, but through these experiences I am reminded of why I do this work. I serve as a coordinator for a program that provides English tutoring to the migrant community in DC and lead my school's chapter of LULAC where we provide workshops for Latinx youth. I also lead an immersive program around various social justice issues. These programs serve communities similar to the one I grew up in and I recognize the importance of building power with my peers, educating ourselves on current issues, and centering the experiences of our community to reflect on and prevent a savior narrative. I also serve in my student government as one of the few women of color and have advocated for low income students and accessibility to mental health services. I hope to become an immigration attorney to continue advocating for my community and fight for a just system.

Mirka Sosa


Georgetown University