From the president

Krishna, a junior Biology major at Marymount University, has exemplified remarkable leadership qualities throughout her academic career. Serving as the President of the Asian Student Association (ASA), Krishna has demonstrated a deep passion for fostering cultural understanding and unity among Asian students on campus. Under her guidance, the ASA has organized a multitude of cultural events, workshops, and festivals that celebrate the diverse tapestry of Asian cultures. Notably, Krishna has gone above and beyond by actively engaging with the local Asian community, cultivating strong relationships and partnerships that extend the impact of ASA's initiatives beyond the confines of our campus. Additionally, Krishna serves as the Vice President of the Marymount University Athletic and Recreation Club, where she has played a pivotal role in promoting campus wellness initiatives and encouraging a healthy lifestyle among students. Her leadership within the club has been instrumental in creating a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages physical activity and well-being for all members of the Marymount community.

Dr. Irma Becerra


Marymount University


Personal Statement

I believe in addressing social issues at their roots, which often lie in systemic inequalities. Through my academic journey and extracurricular activities, I've strived to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to tackling these challenges. Whether it's conducting research on ocular health disparities or coordinating campus events to foster inclusivity, I aim to make a meaningful impact. My involvement as President of the Asian Student Association has allowed me to promote cultural understanding and unity, while my role as Vice President of both the MU Athletic and Recreation Club and the Resident Hall Association has equipped me with skills in leadership and organization. My roles as an Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador have provided me with invaluable experience in effectively engaging with prospective students, offering them personalized guidance and insights into university life, ultimately enriching their confidence and enthusiasm in choosing their educational path. I am committed to leveraging my diverse skill set and experiences to continue addressing social issues and advocating positive change in my community.

Krishna Dodia


Marymount University