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Felisa Ojadi-Kedigui is a student at Bristol Community College studying Early Childhood Education. Felisa is actively involved on campus as the Vice President of the Student Senate as well as the Diversity Leader for the Multicultural Student Center and works as a Residential Counselor for a Youth Program in the City of Fall River. It is this passion for community and commitment to the health and wellness of children that motivates Felisa to work toward her goal of connecting ESL speakers and their families dealing with mental health related issues to local resources despite language barriers. Felisa will be furthering her education and pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication Studies and Public Policy with the intention of gaining the adequate skills and resources to achieve her ultimate career goal of working with the United Nations.

Laura Douglas


Bristol Community College


Personal Statement

Coming from a family whose core value is caring for neighbors as family, irrespective of diverse natures, I have dedicated myself to helping others. I am involved in aspects of my community that bring forth remarkable results, striving to be a leader who works within groups to achieve goals that foster community growth. As I move through my education and personal life, I have become more understanding of the needs of diverse groups of people and continue to believe that expanding my presence grows my network and increases my ability to create change. As Vice president of the Student Senate and Diversity Leader for the Multicultural Student Center at Bristol, ensuring equality, diversity, and engagement is always the priority. Helping those requiring assistance has always been a passion since childhood, and I continue this drive by volunteering at our campus Mobile Food Market, and in my work with St. Vincent’s Services (a mental health center for young children). My personal belief is that healthy kids make healthy adults who make healthy communities. In the future I intend to work on projects that raise global awareness, that will influence equity and strengthen the bonds of diversity in our communities.

Felisa Ojadi-Kedigui

Early Childhood Education

Bristol Community College