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Devon Martinez, a student at Bristol Community College, is a student leader who is heavily involved with addressing food insecurity and the needs of local veterans in the community. Devon works closely with our local Veteran's Center, heads a coalition of volunteers who clean and restore the resting places of fallen military members in Bristol County, and has spent time interviewing living veterans as part of The Veteran's History Project with The Library of Congress. He spends equal time focused on the needs of those experiencing food insecurity and administering food distribution programs that serve hundreds of community members each month.

Dr. Laura Douglas


Bristol Community College


Personal Statement

When I began my academic journey it was important to me to connect with others on campus and be involved in my community. I care deeply about people getting the support they need to thrive in life and the two areas I find myself most committed to are the needs of our local Veterans and combating food insecurity in my community. At one point in my life, I was in a situation where food was scarce, so I felt a deep commitment to ensuring others had access to steady and nutritious food. As a student leader on campus, I am involved with a monthly mobile food market that works in partnership with The Greater Boston Food Bank to distribute fresh produce to hundreds of community members each month. It is my belief that when an individual has their basic needs met it becomes much easier for them to look out for the person on their left and their right, and that's the kind of attitude I'd like to foster within people.

Devon Martinez

Fire Science

Bristol Community College