From the president

Anaya Spencer, a Kent State University student majoring in Public Health with a concentration in Community Outreach and Development, grew up in Cleveland, understanding the importance of community at a young age. Anaya’s grandmother owned and operated a daycare out of her home. She provided childcare services and resources—at her own expense—to ensure families had what they needed to get by. Since arriving at Kent State, Anaya has dedicated herself to serving communities that face injustices, like her mother, a community health worker, and her grandmother. Anaya’s commitment has led to her service on executive boards for multiple student organizations and her participation in several community-engaged learning trips that included direct service to communities and education around specific social issues. These experiences, combined with the legacy of her family’s matriarchs, have led Anaya to recognize a passion for the issue of championing Black maternal and infant health and equity through a combination of academic research, advocacy, and philanthropy. Anaya plans to use the Fellowship to raise awareness about this issue and make positive change in surrounding communities.

Todd Diacon


Kent State University at Kent


Personal Statement

As a Cleveland, Ohio native, community has always been a leading factor in my life. I am currently studying Public Health with a concentration in community outreach and development, and my minor is Africana Studies. My personal and professional life experiences have shaped my current passions. The matriarchs in my family laid the foundation of being resourceful and advocating for women and families. Throughout my college career I have focused on being of service to communities that face injustices. Since serving on two executive boards at my university and participating in community engaged learning experiences, I have learned how to be a problem solver for underserved communities. Through my most recent experiences I have developed a passion for advocating for maternal and infant health and equity. During the summer of 2022 I began to take the initiative for Black maternal and infant health and equity through doing research, donation drives, and advocacy. It is my hope for the remainder of my journey that I will be able to use my background to best serve and advocate for moms and children who lack resources and support in nearby communities.

Anaya Spencer

Public Health with a concentration in Community Outreach and Development

Kent State University at Kent