From the president

Alanna Sherman, a third year student at Whitman College, is a student leader active in addressing issues of food justice. She has internalized the importance of community and the collective responsibility we all have to support one another. Alanna cares deeply about the food justice work she is doing as it relates to systems of oppression. In her short time here in Walla Walla and at Whitman College, Alanna has engaged in, and initiated, an impressive number of collaborative, sustainable, and community-centered projects including: organizing food and book drives, creating a free resources pantry, and co-leading Whitman's student volunteer group, the Food Justice Project, to support local efforts in addressing food insecurity. In addition to local action and educating herself and others about these social issues, Alanna is committed to examining and dismantling the systems of oppression which harm already marginalized communities and create the need for food pantries in the first place.

Sarah Bolton


Whitman College


Personal Statement

I became inspired by the core values of supporting and uplifting our neighbors from my community in Portland, Oregon. COVID-19 caused a spike in food insecurity and I joined many mutual aid efforts, including the maintenance of free fridges and pantries that provide easier access to necessities. As I was preparing for college, I knew I wanted to bring this beautiful act of love to Walla Walla. With the help of many amazing friends, I set up a free resources pantry that is available to anyone in the community. Additionally, I helped organize food drives for the community and a book drive for those incarcerated in the Washington State Penitentiary. Over the past year, I co-lead the Food Justice Project at Whitman, a community engagement program connecting students with Blue Mountain Action Council to address food insecurity. It has been a huge privilege to engage in food justice initiatives in the communities I get to be a part of, and learn about how deeply tied food justice is to systemic racism, incarceration, and land justice. I am grateful for opportunities to support this incredible work in Walla Walla, and to continue this work by connecting with other Newman Civic Fellows!

Alanna Sherman


Whitman College