The University of Montana’s Civic Action Plan seeks to cultivate civic competencies and increase civic action and participation across the university.  We will work towards this vision by analyzing our current civic engagement infrastructure on campus and in the community, mapping our current assets and resources, analyzing existing data, and putting together a planning team and working committee to pursue our civic action goals.  Our efforts will work to increase civic action and participation among students, faculty and staff, and throughout the institution as a whole.  Over the next year, we will work to create policies, systems, and a campus culture that values, supports, and rewards this work while empowering individuals to become active citizens in their communities. Some of our goals include:

  • Increasing the number of departments that include engagement in Unit Standards which outline performance standards and expectations for faculty.
  • Increasing the number of Service Learning Fellows and Service Learning Course Development funds made available to faculty.
  • Increasing the number of sections of Freshman Seminars that offer a service learning opportunity.
  • Creating and supporting dual credit service learning courses.
  • Increasing the visibility of awards and recognition events that highlight student service and community engagement activities.
  • Expanding the University of Montana’s commitment to prioritizing and supporting engagement work as evidenced by specific language in the strategic plan.
  • Maximizing collaborative community partnerships.