The following practices are made available by Big Bend Community College: Facebook Summary Peer Advocate Coaches will interact online with students through a Peer Advocate Facebook group page created in a learning community structure for each class. A Facebook group page will be utilized as one communication tool between each PAC and their College Survival Skills (CSS) students and among CSS students. Each class page will be used to exchange ideas and information. Each class will be connected to the College Survival Skills page and Peer Advocates will post information, lead discussions, post leadership resources and links to topics such as communication, active listening, cultural competency, leadership styles, assertiveness, and self-advocacy to enrich learning opportunities. Peer Advocates will post campus events, deadlines, and relevant videos on the FB group page. IT IS CRITICAL THAT PAC ALWAYS RESPOND TO ALL POSTS BY THE STUDENTS IN THEIR CSS CLASS! Information on Facebook Groups What are Facebook Groups? Facebook Groups allow you to bundle friends into packs and lets you share information. You get to form your own communication networks and you are able to collaborate and communicate more effectively as a result. Once you have a group, you can post updates, poll the group, and chat with everyone at once. Benefits of using Facebook Groups The benefits are many if you can handle the privacy settings correctly.

  • Group Sharing
  • Post updates, questions, photos and more
  • Create shared documents
  • Schedule group events
  • More direct linkage with the administrator
  • Administrators can send bulk messages

  Controlling and Monitoring the Group - What is a Group Administrator? An administrator is the person who created a Facebook group. In addition to everything that a group member can do, a group administrator can:

  • Edit the group description
  • Edit the settings
  • Add more admins to the group
  • Decides who joins the group
  • Remove abusive posts, and remove or ban members
  • Notifications of new posts
  • Send bulk messages