Class Period: Tuesday 4:00 - 6:45 Room: Television Studio Office Hours: Monday 2:00 - 3:30, Tuesday 1:00 - 3:30, By Appointment Textbook: Video Basics 2 By Herb Zettl. There will be additional readings

Course Description and Objectives: This course is an advanced television production workshop. There will be three main components to it: aesthetics, studio production, and Service Learning. The Service Learning component will engage students in the production of television materials addressing critical social issues and in support of community organizations and non-profit groups that lack the financial and human resources to fund such media production activities. Service Learning, in this context, consists of three elements: (a) identification of current, social-oriented issues that are the focus of concern by the ECSU community and the agencies involved; (b) production of a segment plus a Public Service Announcements -PSA on behalf of community organizations; and (c) a reflection component delivered to classmates in the form of a presentation and a 4-pages analysis paper and evaluation of the segment's effectiveness or impact on the audience: (1) awareness, (2) self-assessment, and (3) a group/class assessment component (discussion,/survey in class?). It is also expected that the format chosen will require some EFP and linear or non-linear editing. But it should be mainly a "Live on tape " program. The final objective of the course (class) is to design and produce at least six 30-minute shows: Communication Department's television showcases Eastern Beat and airs it on a regular schedule. It will be a high-quality, professionally produced program. The specific format is to be decided during class discussions and as a result of some type of marketing research (surveys, interviews, etc.). Participation: The successful completion of this course demands active class participation. Each student is expected to attend all class meetings and be on time. Three "value-principles" will be the working tenets of the group: responsibility, respect, and pride. Course requirements and evaluation: Each student must complete the following course requirements: (1) A complete proposal for a 30- minutes program, (2) produce with a partner one 30-minutes show and incorporate the service learning component described above, and (3) participate in the production of at least SIX 30-minutes programs. Written, detailed instruction on each assignment will be provided in due time. The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the calendar previous notification to students. All written assignments must be typed! The final grade will be based on the following formula: Proposal 10% Productions 60% (10% each) Group production (pairs) 10% (Service Learning) 20% Total 100% Course Calendar: Date WEEK 1 1/25 Content: Introduction and class requirements. Production Process/ Service Learning . (Discussion) Assign: Program Outline (Draft) WEEK 2 2/1 Content: Production Model: Effect to Cause. Production Team. Production Planning. Discussion of proposal and research. Due: Outline Draft Assign: Proposal (1st draft) and Audience Research Establish team members' responsibilities and functions. Set up production "pairs." The video camera: functions and components. Camera operation and movements. Studio practice. WEEK 3 2/8 Content: Discussion of Audience Research Report and Proposal. Studio Practice: Directing and Crew rotation Due: Audience Research Report and Proposal WEEK 4 2/15 Content: The Aesthetic of Visual Composition. Chapters 4 & 6 The Two-Dimensional Field: Area, Light, Color, and Lighting. Discussion of Final Proposal. Due: Final Proposal and Program Format. WEEK 5 2/22 Content: The Three-Dimensional Field: Z-Axis. Depth Factors. Discussion Program # 1: GI Service Learning Presentation (Gl) Studio Practice: Assigned crew position. WEEK 6 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 1 WEEK 7 The Three-Dimensional Field: Visualization Group Evaluation Program # I Discussion Program # 2: G2 Service Learning Presentation (G2) Studio Practice: Assigned crew position. Week 8 3/14 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 2 WEEK 9 3/27 Continuity and Complexity Editing. Group evaluation Program # 2 Discussion Program # 3 and # 4: G3-G4 Service Learning Presentation (G3 and G4) Studio Practice: Assigned crew position. WEEK 10 4/4 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 3 WEEK 11 4/11 Field Production / Editing: Independent work WEEK 12 4/18 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 4 WEEK 13 4/25 Group Evaluation Programs # 3 and 4, Discussion Program # 5 and 6: G5 and G6 Due: Service Learning Presentation (G5 and G6 Studio Practice WEEK 14 5/2 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 5 WEEK 15 5/9 LIVE ON TAPE: Program # 6 Final Meeting: Technical and Aesthetic Evaluation of Projects. Course Overview HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!