The mission of Prince George’s Community College (PGCC) clearly defines the College’s purpose within the context of higher education, and includes who the College serves as well as what it intends to accomplish.  The vision and mission clearly reflect the importance of student learning and the responsibility of the College to guide student, staff, and faculty efforts to these ends.  

Vision Statement - Prince George’s Community College will be the community’s first choice for innovative, high quality learning opportunities.

Mission Statement - Prince George’s Community College transforms students’ lives. The college exists to educate, train, and serve our diverse populations through accessible, affordable, and rigorous learning experiences.

PGCC is committed to educating and training its diverse student population through rigorous learning experiences. The College provides a variety of credit and noncredit education offerings to meet the needs of county residents and to help students envision success.  Academic support programs and student clubs and organizations complement academic offerings by providing co-curricular, extra-curricular, and lifelong learning experiences for them.  

Supported by the FY2014-2017 strategic plan, “Envision Success,” the College has taken a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to addressing student needs.  The College’s commitment to student success is evidenced by the provision of a broad array of programs and services.  PGCC has long recognized the importance of equal opportunity and diversity in education and demonstrates a strong commitment to diversity and equity.

The College is justifiably proud of its commitment and service to all of the residents of Prince George’s County.  The number of individuals enrolling in continuing education, community service and lifelong learning courses continues to grow.  Prince Georgians are also welcomed and encouraged to use many of the College’s facilities, including the natatorium, track, playing fields and meeting spaces.

On March 1, 2016, the President of Prince George’s Community College joined the Presidents of other Colleges and Universities in signing the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement.  In order to advance the public purposes of higher education, they affirmed five statements, which characterized their current commitments and named the ideals toward which they would work with renewed dedication, focus, and vigor.  It is with these statements in mind that we build a Civic Action Plan for the College.  In developing the plan, it was important to look at the mission of Prince George’s Community College.  Prince George’s Community College’s Civic Action Plan will connect with the mission of the college, will provide a focus towards comprehensive engagement for the common good, and will contribute to the health and strength of its’ communities.

The action items associated with the plan include:

  1. Establish a college-wide committee on Civic Engagement that includes community members and community partners.
  2. Create a college-wide data base for courses and co-curricular activities that include civic engagement.
  3. Create a database of common community partners and community engagement activities that will support faculty, staff and students. 
  4. Incorporate civic engagement in the next strategic plan.
  5. Include policy on civic engagement in the College Code.
  6. Host an annual community conversation on civic engagement.
  7. Add language to promotion and tenure policy.
  8. Provide support for faculty and staff research for civic engagement efforts.
  9. Increase faculty awareness of opportunities to enhance student learning through the integration of service learning into classroom instruction.
  10. Establish a Faculty Learning Community on Civic Engagement.
  11. Conduct a needs assessment.
  12. Establish goals and outcomes.