Northeastern State University has a rich heritage and pride in serving our local, state, tribal, domestic, and international constituencies. Our university mission statement supports commitment #3 of the Compact Civic Action Statement as “We empower students, faculty, staff, and the community to reach their full intellectual and human potential by creating and expanding a culture of learning, discovery, and diversity.” Additionally, our vision statement ensures that commitment #3 remains a priority as we move forward: “Northeastern State University shapes the future of its region as the educational partner of choice, setting a standard of excellence by serving the intellectual, cultural, social and economic needs of the University’s diverse communities.” We recognize that this is a strength of our institution and when seeking the answer as to how we accomplish our mission and vision the committee members found the opportunity for growth. Priority Action Items:

  • Improve university training related to the use of Digitial Measures and Chalk in Wire and the creation of designations for civic engagement work.
  • Create a Civic Action Plan Team to monitor the progress of the Civic Action Plan and collaborate for further civic engagement between the university and our communities.
  • Create a more organized and formalized structure for the collection, synthesis, reporting, and publishing of civic engagement work.