In support of our student-centered comprehensive Community College, we will infuse Civic Engagement into the Jefferson College culture and build a community of connection, caring, compassion and service within and outside of the College. This culture will be visible within the campus and the larger community of Jefferson County, as well as St. Louis City and County, surrounding counties, the State of Missouri, and beyond. Increased action opportunities woven into coursework, athletics and student clubs and organizations will aid in recognizing the College’s goal of meeting the diverse needs of the students and the community. Further advancing the Vision of Jefferson College, civic action will foster each participant’s intellectual, social, and personal growth. Additionally, active participation in civic engagement will further promote student success via networking with community partners by preparing students for careers, including mastery of knowledge, skills, competencies and values. These opportunities will promote inclusion and respect for diversity, assessing and responding to community needs and embracing a life of service. Jefferson College is committed to the following changes as we implement our Campus Compact Civic Engagement Action Plan over the next five years:
  •  Jefferson College will maximize opportunities for relationship building with community partners and promote community connections within and beyond Jefferson College. We will show a marked increase in varied service opportunities for students and increase recognition for students’ service.
  • Jefferson College will reflect on the value of immersion in a culture of civic engagement and prepare our students for lives of engaged citizenship by modeling service. We will utilize faculty, staff and community leaders to engage students to actively pursue the common good through service.
  • We will provide increased support for service-learning resources for faculty members and increase engagement in the economic, social, environmental, educational and political welfare of the community. A Jefferson College liaison will be responsible for the coordination and dissemination of all functions related to community service.
  • We will make lasting community changes through service initiatives. Our increased support for service-learning and resources will result in a marked increase in opportunities for faculty members and employees. Training and certification of Service-Learning Instructors will be made available on campus. We will recognize service of employees and instructors.
  • A marked increase in Jefferson College’s civic engagement involvement will be apparent throughout the community. This increase will be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including an increase in community connections as evident by the development of a living database of community service partners, sustained service partnership opportunities, development of a community based Civic Engagement Advisory Committee, and recognition of community leaders in service. The College will seek to recognize co-curricular community engagement at graduation.