This paper presents the ethical challenges and lessons learned over the course of a four-year CBPR project conducted on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Greenland. Specifically discussed is Inuulluataareq, the “Having the Good Life” study, the first CBPR project implemented in Greenland. Ethical issues discussed are: (1) the complexity of working with multiple IRBs on an international health research project using a CBPR framework; (2) unexpected influences on health policy; and (3) the dynamic of balancing community practices with academic research requirements.

Rink, E., Montgomery-Andersen, R., Koch., A, Mulvad, G., & Gesink, D. (2013). Ethical challenges and lessons learned from Inuulluataareq--“Having the Good Life Study”: A community-based participatory research project in Greenland. Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics, 8(2), 110-118. Full Text.