Pre- and post-tenure faculty face immense pressure to meet professional expectations and requirements from their colleagues and disciplines. Faculty involved in community-campus engagement (CCE) for social change face additional demands to maintain relationships and continue their interventions. We present a collective autoethnography from a Canadian context reflecting on experiences as CCE faculty at various stages of tenure and promotion (T&P).  From these experiences, we identify tensions within T&P processes and argue the need for highly contextualized narratives when faculty present their collaborative efforts, research processes with community partners, and community impact in their multiple faculty roles. From these kinds of narratives, the intra- and inter-institutional gaps, connections and spaces become clearer, especially for tenured and increasingly senior faculty, to support culture change at the institutional level, thereby increasing the value and recognition of CCE.

Changfoot, Nadine. (2020). Engaged Scholarship in Tenure and Promotion: Autoethnographic Insights from the Fault Lines of a Shifting Landscape. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning 26(1).