Edgewood College intentionally promotes, supports, and rewards a culture of civic engagement for students, staff and faculty that is valued by our community partners. The College provides students with multiple opportunities for civic engagement experiences that develop knowledge, skills and commitments to help students discern how their own interests and gifts intersect with community needs and opportunities (their vocation).


The civic action plan will be closely connected to Edgewood’s overall strategic plan, which focuses on the three primary areas of (1) student learning, (2) diversity and inclusion, and (3) community impact. In particular, the goals and outcomes of the Civic Action Plan will complement those goals outlined in the community impact section of the College’s strategic plan.

Action Items

  • Fundraising to develop an endowment for civic engagement initiatives
  • Develop a structure for seeking ongoing input/feedback from community partners about engagement strategic priorities
  • Intentionally promote and market civic engagement as distinctive element of Edgewood College
  • Provide professional development resources for faculty/staff around issue of civic engagement
  • Develop campus-wide electronic system to track and assess curricular and co-curricular engagement
  • Develop sustainable transportation resources for civic engagement
  • Create a community-based work study cohort program
  • Develop models to reward and recognize civic engagement work by faculty/staff, students and community members