This study investigated the CBPR training needs of researchers interested in CBPR to inform efforts to build infrastructure for conducting community-engaged research. A survey was administered to 127 academic health researchers affiliated with Harvard. Findings revealed that many respondents did not have the comprehensive package of CBPR skills, reporting a need for training in a variety of CBPR skill sets. Further, the number of respondents who wanted a mentor in CBPR exceeded the number of respondents who were willing to act as a mentor, which suggests an important area for development.

DiGirolamo, A., Geller, A. C., Tendulkar, S. A., Patil, P., & Hacker, K. (2012). Community-based participatory research skills and training needs in a sample of academic researchers from a clinical and translational science center in the northeast. Clinical and Translational Science, 5(3), 301-305. Full Text.