This plan was created in response to Champlain College being a signatory of the 30th Anniversary Campus Compact Action Statement.

Civic Action Plan Mission and Vision

Champlain College has a history of supporting our local community, from creating academic programs to meet needs in the community to hosting large scale events such as the Champlain College Summit of 2011: "Building Partnerships for a Thriving Workforce" to event sponsorship and direct service by students, faculty, staff and administrators. Champlain has also gone through a tremendous growth period in the past decade, and our small campus where everyone knew everyone and everything that was happening, is no longer the case.

In creating this plan, we brought together people from across the institution and in our community to assess the breadth of our current practices across campus. Through this process we found that a) there are a vast array of current community engagement practices at Champlain b) there is opportunity to raise awareness of existing efforts, and c) we want to make sure we are aligning our current and future efforts with community needs and the College's strategic plan.