Mission: Central Methodist University prepares students to make a difference in the world by emphasizing academic and professional excellence, ethical leadership, and social responsibility.

Central Methodist University Background: Central Methodist University is located in Fayette, Missouri. Fayette can be described as a quaint town with a population consisting of around 2,750 residents. It can be said that Central and Fayette’s town-gown relation is a positive one as we currently have an existing partnership through different service avenues.

Description: Our strengths consist of a supportive President, campus wide enthusiasm, the alignment of the 5 Commitment Statements with our Mission Statement and Values, our established town relationship, that fact that we are culturally diverse and consist of healthy networking, and that we are a small rural university.

Key Action Items (Goals):

  • To create more service-learning opportunities
  • To better mutual partnerships with faculty
  • To create more intensive assessment for engagement activities
  • To nurture an improved line of communication across the campus in terms of civic engagement opportunities
  • To foster a form of affirmations for those who achieve engagement expectations in our community

We recognize the opportunity for growth at our current capacity in all areas through our teaching, partnerships, and institutional practices.