OVERVIEW In March of 2016, California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) President Dr. Karen S. Haynes signed the Campus Compact 30th Anniversary Action Statement of Presidents and Chancellors. CSUSM grounds its mission in the public trust, alignment with regional needs, and sustained enrichment of the intellectual, civic, economic, and cultural life of our region and state. Signing the Campus Compact Statement signifies CSUSM’s renewed commitment to the values of civic engagement and to activities in service of the public good.

The Division of Community Engagement focuses on facilitating community partner relationships, and led the effort in drafting the Civic Action Plan, which outlines how the University will achieve its civic engagement goals. Community Engagement at CSUSM is committed to building connections between the University and community to create powerful, mutually beneficial partnerships that serve the public good.

VISION STATEMENT In an effort to include a variety of perspectives and lenses, the campus seated a cross-divisional Advisory Task Force that provided input and guidance both for the process used to draft this plan as well as the plan content. The following Vision Statement for the Civic Action Plan was developed:

CSUSM creates a culture that exemplifies a healthy democracy by teaching and practicing the skills for civic dialogue, engagement and leadership. CSUSM graduates students who dedicate a lifetime of service to local, regional, and global communities.

GOALS Guided by the Vision Statement and informed by stakeholder focus groups, existing data, documents and infrastructure, the CSUSM Civic Action Plan offers the following action items to enhance the environment and culture on campus to be most supportive of civic engagement activities:

  • Grow and enhance programming to prepare students for an engaged civic life, locally and globally
  • Provide faculty development opportunities to identify and incorporate best practices for civic engagement in teaching
  • Create a mechanism to learn about civic engagement activities occurring across campus
  • Create infrastructure to support scalability
  • Create a Civic Action Steering Committee
  • Amplify civic engagement through a marketing and communications plan
  • Raise profile of CSUSM’s efforts of civic engagement

The CSUSM Civic Action Plan constitutes an explicit renewal of the University’s commitment to the sustained civic health of our campus, our region, and our state. The plan reinforces the University’s mission and values, while advancing the development and success of civically engaged efforts on campus and in our communities.