Tallahassee Community College (TCC) is one of nine community colleges nationwide selected for Campus Compact’s Connect2Complete (C2C) pilot program. Through two distinct strategies—course-based peer-to peer advocacy and peer-assisted service-learning—C2C supports vulnerable students in achieving academic success and credential completion while they actively engage with their peers, their college, and their broader community. These strategies encourage academic development, social integration, personal development, and civic consciousness—all key factors for student persistence. At TCC, C2C has inspired a college-wide culture of change, and the program has proved to be the catalyst for including service-learning and civic engagement in the College’s strategic plan. C2C strengthened the partnership between TCC Student Affairs and Academic Affairs and created an environment in which teaching and training have an increased focus on civic engagement. Academic Support Partnering with Student Affairs to Create Culture of Change is a report of the lessons from C2C in Tallahassee Community College.