This study investigated the secondary (i.e. non-research) outcomes of Protecting the ‘Hood Against Tobacco (PHAT), a CBPR project conducted in San Francisco, California. An analysis of quasi- ethnographic documentation of the PHAT project was conducted. Analysis revealed that PHAT participation encouraged healthier behavior and public health promotion among community research partners, prompted academics to confront power asymmetries and recognize community knowledge, and widened social networks. The authors conclude that systematically capturing secondary outcomes, perhaps through wider use of ethnographic approaches, could help enhance understanding of CBPR’s true contributions.

Malone, R. E., McGruder, C., Froelicher, E. S., & Yerg, V. B. (2013). Being part of something: Transformative outcomes of a community-based participatory study. Health Promotion Practice, 14(2), 205-212. Full Text.