Resources for addressing the ongoing conflict in the Middle East

Readings and ideas from partner organizations

In light of the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict, we wanted to share some readings and ideas from partner organizations that our team found thought-provoking. We are sharing these here with the hope that you might find them useful when holding space for discussion of these tragic events and addressing the ongoing needs of students and community members.

Interfaith America
Campuses Should Model Care: Engaging Deep Divides on Israel, Palestine and Beyond

"We hope that in this moment, both campus professionals and students will lead with care, creating space to honor the distinctive pain."

In this article from two senior leaders from Interfaith America, Jenan Mohajir and Rebecca Russo reflect on the importance of intercultural understanding, maintaining respectful dialogue, and building empathy for others. Some key resources they share include:

Inside Higher Ed
Coming Together Over the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

“Even in the most volatile situations of war and conflict, one must not forget the human reality of other people and other faiths.” 
- Mehnaz Afridi, director of the Holocaust, Genocide & Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College

This article from Inside Higher Ed highlights the difficulties campuses are facing as they try to navigate the complexities of the war. They share examples of how some institutions are addressing the issue, whether through facilitating dialogue, building interfaith understanding, or offering academic viewpoints. Some examples they share include:

We also encourage you to seek out additional resources related to facilitating dialogue across difference. Our knowledge hub on Dialogue Resources for Higher Education, originally curated by our partners at the Sustained Dialogue Institute, is a good place to start. 

Please reach out to Natalie Furlett at if you have additional ideas or suggestions about how the Compact can support you in your work as we continue to bear witness to the horrifying loss of life in the Middle East