Constitution Day 2018

Happy Constitution Day! We believe strongly that to be an effective participant in civic life, students must be well informed about the foundations of our democracy (that’s why we recently launched Education for Democracy). Check out the links below for some civic education inspiration. 

Do I Have A Right? Understanding the Constitution with iCivics
In this interactive activity, knowledge of the constitution is developed as students judge the cases of potential clients, ultimately determining if and how individuals are protected under the constitution.

Faculty, interested in incorporating this into your class? Click the resource below for a link to the game and for a template quiz.

iCivics: "Do I Have A Right?" constitution learning game - Campus Compact

In iCivics' Do I Have A Right?, students run their own firm of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law. During the course of the game, students will decide if potential clients are protected by constitutional rights, match them with the best lawyer to defend them, and try the case in court.


Constitution Day in the news with Minnesota Campus Compact

This year, Minnesota Campus Compact launched a Constitution Day Dialogue Initiative in which member institutions convened a series of local dialogues around the state, all held on Constitution Day. Check out these op-eds from Minnesota presidents in support of Constitution Day and this exciting initiative: