From the president

Vishy Kandala, a junior at Tulane University, is a dynamic student leader actively addressing subject matters salient to the student body such as the Title IX accountability, environmental social justice and criminal justice system reform. She integrates her passion into all of her work, helping to inspire and educate those around her. Vishy believes that a commitment to public service hinges on one’s capacity to exercise cultural humility. She is imaginative, thoughtful, deeply self-aware, and whole-heartedly committed to the work of equity for all.

Michael Fitts Esq.


Tulane University of Louisiana


Personal Statement

People with diverse backgrounds, who often hail from marginalized communities, face systemic obstacles in institutions and within society. I aim to open up accessibility to opportunities within institutions to all people of diverse backgrounds and experiences in order to increase social and economic mobility for disadvantaged communities.  So far, I have experience in opening up accessibility within places like academia, the workplace, maternal spaces, and conflict areas (i.e., Israel and Palestine) to name a few. In my work, I aim to center the people within the community in my approach. As a Political Economy major interested in specializing in social and economic mobility policies, I always aim to apply my knowledge to the work I do.  Looking at the bigger picture, I hope to continue the work that I have done for the past 6 months and open up spaces within other institutions (e.g., government) so that individuals from marginalized communities can access them. I wish to do this to open up opportunities for social mobility.

Vaishnavi (Vishy) Kandala

Political Economy/ Legal Studies in Business

Tulane University of Louisiana