From the president

Steven is a nursing student at Stanbridge University who has shown a commitment to serving those in need in his community. Steven has held multiple leadership roles in the medical field, and is deeply committed to advocating for the homeless community. A compassionate future clinician, he uses his gift of communication to address challenges faced by healthcare consumers by bringing communities closer together to build trust, especially while navigating the healthcare system. He is goal-oriented and focused on aligning at risk populations with the appropriate healthcare professionals to offer appointments for regular health check-ups; monitoring of vital signs; vaccinations; and Covid testing for the betterment of the community. Steven is recognized for supporting fellow nursing classmates by giving his time to tutoring students in math and other challenging courses, allowing his classmates to thrive and meet their academic goals.

Yasith Weerasuriya


Stanbridge University


Personal Statement

As a nurse, I am dedicated to helping people from all walks of life. No matter where you go in the United States, homelessness is a crisis. In Las Vegas, my hometown, I spent several holidays giving out blankets and fresh clothing to people in need through the Salvation Army. While working at the Martin Luther King Jr. Outpatient Center, I tested people for Covid and made it a priority to test the surrounding homeless population. As the homeless population increases, we have limited options when it comes to gauging the increase in communicable diseases because people have become ghosts in the system. For the survival of struggling families and communities, it is imperative we do everything in our power to help those at-risk communities through medical testing, training, and education. Communication along with having a progressive cooperative disposition are key in bringing together healthcare professionals and the greater populous.

Steven Porter

Associate of Occupational Science in Vocational Nursing (AOSVN)

Stanbridge University