From the president

Sarah is an empathetic, passionate, and equity-focused student leader at Northern Essex Community College (NECC). Sarah’s journey has not been an easy one. The experiences of her life inform her social activism and determination to make a positive change in the world. Her commitment to social justice is no empty slogan; she knows firsthand the experiences of many of our students. She has dedicated herself to advocate on their behalf through her leadership roles in Student Government Association, Community Outreach Group and serving as the student representative on NECC’s Board of Trustees. Sarah has worked college-wide to advocate for student mental health support, LGBTQAI+ inclusion and representation, and better student transportation options. Sarah is also a student ambassador for the SOAR program (Seizing Opportunities, Aspire to Rise). In this role, she connects and builds relationships with and between the students and serves as a peer resource. Sarah Pachano exemplifies what is means to be living purposefully. She is a persistent and enthusiastic advocate for her fellow students.

Lane Glenn


Northern Essex Community College


Personal Statement

As a first-generation student and an immigrant, I have experienced firsthand the insecurities and hardships that many of my fellow students’ face. This experience has ignited a passion and drive for helping others. I have been an advocate, going above and beyond in every opportunity that has been presented to me. I seek meaningful changes to help my community. It has been my priority to help my fellow students feel comfortable and provide a safe space while on campus. I have asked students directly what improvement can the school address to make the campus feel like a community. I have strived to tackle the issues of which students are most concerned, including campus transportation and in making the school more LGBTQAI+ friendly. In addition, I’m confronting the unconscious bias of faculty and staff . I believe this is especially important for a minority serving institution. My desire to represent not only my communities, but every student on campus has just begun. My life mission is to try to improve the lives of the people that surround me.

Sarah Pachano


Northern Essex Community College