From the president

Sagelyn Budy, a junior Agriculture major at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, is a student leader who is passionate about serving others in various areas. She has worked closely with many organizations on campus, and in the community, to help those in need. She has worked on projects such as the NWOSU Thank-a-Thon, Stamp Out Starvation, Toys for Tots, and a Christmas project at a local elementary school. She strives to live a life of purpose and make the world a better place for future generations. She is passionate about educating others about the importance of agriculture and currently hosts a weekday farm report called Farm Girl on the local radio station.


Personal Statement

My ultimate goals in life are to live a life with purpose and make this place better for future generations. I grew up on a farm and started helping with chores at a young age. I gained more responsibilities with each year. From these experiences, I have learned the value of hard work and anything worth doing should be done to the best of my ability. I felt like the biggest impact I could make would be to continue in the field of agriculture and pursue the education side using mass communication. From this, I can help people understand this vitally important field that everyone needs. Farmers and ranchers now make up less than 2% of the population, so although agriculture affects everyone, most people don't know anything about it. We are blessed to live in a rural area where most people have had hand-on agricultural experiences, but most of the population has not. I have already started in this endeavor through our local radio station. I host a weekday farm report called Farm Girl. Hopefully, I can make a difference and help to reverse this problem.

Sagelyn Budy

Agriculture, BS

Northwestern Oklahoma State University