From the president

Robert Huttig is a student leader at Salem State University (SSU) who is committed to strengthening the resources available to students to ensure their success. He currently serves as a Student Senator and Chair of the Civic Engagement and Sustainability Committee on SSU’s Student Government Association. His advocacy work is focused on improving resources that support students who are struggling with accessing basic needs and increasing student participation in the electoral process. Additionally, he serves as a student representative for the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and a member of the Executive Leadership Team of the Massachusetts Student Advisory Council for Higher Education. In these roles, he is working to shape statewide policies that will promote equity in higher education along with better financial resources to support student success. Two projects he is currently working on in these roles are organizing legislative advocacy for the Hunger Free Campus Bill in Massachusetts as well as a statewide Community Building Day for higher education.

John Keenan


Salem State University


Personal Statement

Education is about empowering people by providing them with the tools and resources needed to improve themselves and the world around them. The difficulties college students face in making ends meet have been a source of great frustration. I believe there is more our society can do to better support students and I am determined to play an active role in making that possible. I do this by standing up as an advocate for students. The more familiar I become with the issues students face, the more I believe they can play an essential role in developing solutions to these challenges. This belief guides my decisions and engagement as student leader, whether organizing projects at Salem State through the Civic Engagement and Sustainability Committee, putting together statewide student leadership initiatives through the Massachusetts Student Advisory Council, or helping to craft educational policy with the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

Robert Huttig


Salem State University