From the president

Rachel Marchant, a third-year student at the University of Montana-Western, is a leader in campus safety and student success. These are particularly important issues for the first-generation, low-income, and students with disabilities with whom Rachel primarily works. For the last two years, Rachel has worked as a peer-to-peer mentor in our TRIO SSS program, working directly with this population of students. In that time, Rachel has led mental health and study skills workshops; organized cultural events; and facilitated our orientation and first-year programs. In her capacity as a mentor, Rachel also serves as a first point of contact for our students in distress: checking in with students in crisis, directing them to campus resources, and encouraging healthful practices. In addition to her work in TRIO SSS, Rachel also drives for our campus SafeRide program. This is a late-night and weekend program that provides students with safe rides from our downtown area back to campus. She is currently organizing our campus’ celebration of National TRIO Day, which raises awareness about TRIO support programs and other campus resources.

Michael Reid


The University of Montana-Western


Personal Statement

Making an impact on my community has always been a major part of my life. When I was in high school, I immersed myself in school activities such as Speech and Debate, Drama, and Band. I also helped establish the first Gay-Straight Alliance club at my high school which supported LGBTQ students and their peers. During my college career, I continue to support my community through my work on campus as a mentor for TRIO Student Support Services, a program that facilitates student success on campus. I also work for Safe Ride, a university-funded service that helps students get home safely. I am passionate about strengthening my leadership skills and improving my community.

Rachel Marchant

Majoring in Psychology with a minors in Business and Biology

The University of Montana-Western