From the president

Patrick Kelly, Haverford College '25, is committed to advocating for human rights and demonstrates this in multifaceted, ongoing ways, that are deeply rooted in his personal experiences growing up in a low-income household and working within systems to make change. His passionate, intelligent advocacy and relationship-building capacity has drawn him to connect students, faculty, and staff with community groups, resulting in stronger partnerships and more beneficial outcomes for all. He is a student leader in the Marilou Allen Office of Service and Community Collaboration at the college, and politically active on and off campus, promoting canvassing initiatives, working with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, and interning with the State Department. Patrick exemplifies the Haverfordian ideals of trust, concern, respect, service, and integrity.

Wendy Raymond


Haverford College


Personal Statement

Public service is deeply personal for me. Growing up in a biracial household and struggling as a low-income family taught me the importance of elevating overlooked and overshadowed communities. In every experience, I keep the lessons of my identity in mind. At Haverford, the very first organization I joined helped me bridge gaps between my campus community and those around me. As a volunteer, I’ve built relationships with communities in my hometown as an advocate for reforms in the state legislature. As an intern in government, I pursue my continuing desire to advance the stories and goals of others. My studies in political science and French and my experiences on and off campus embody my ultimate goal: service on an international stage. I want to use what I have learned to advocate for principles of human rights, equality, and advancement that transcend borders. As a representative of the United States, I want my work at home to spark change abroad. Every challenge, opportunity, and new experience, from my childhood in Pennsylvania to my semester abroad in Germany, represents my never-ending desire to grow as an advocate for others and the changes they seek for a better global community.

Patrick Kelly

Polital Science

Haverford College