From the president

Parwinder Singh is an undergraduate student whose efforts focus on sustainability, education, and food insecurity on campus and the southeast Ohio community. Parwinder has gained experience and skills through internships, fellowships, and various co-curricular involvements, including being President of the Entrepreneurship Club and Director of Outreach for the National Residence Hall Honorary among others. Parwinder's leadership story began with transforming the Entrepreneurship Club from four members to over forty members and organizing a Hackathon, HackPalachia, which will showcase participants' leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. He has demonstrated his commitment to positively impacting the environment, winning the Eco Impact Challenge Ohio University in 2022 and volunteering at Tenderfoot Learning Lab. As a Resident Advisor, he has built a sense of community and belonging among his residents. Parwinder's powerful multi-disciplinary combination and co-curricular involvement make him an ideal candidate for the Newman Civic Fellowship recognizing students' exceptional commitment to the community and developing innovative and collaborative strategies for addressing public problems. In addition, his dedication to working on sustainability, education, and food insecurity on campus and the surrounding areas is commendable and shows his potential to become an exceptional leader and an agent of change in his future career.

Hugh Sherman


Ohio University-Main Campus


Personal Statement

Throughout my time at Ohio University, I have focused on a more sustainable and equitable future. In addition, I have been involved in various co-curricular activities and internships that have allowed me to develop my leadership and problem-solving skills. I am actively working to promote entrepreneurship at our campus. As a volunteer at Tenderfoot Learning Lab, I have been involved in various sustainability projects and initiatives, such as boosting energy conservation and reducing carbon footprint. Sustainability is crucial to creating a more equitable future for all, and I have been committed to working towards that goal. One of my most significant contributions to the Ohio University community has been my work to create a Co-Op program, which will provide students with valuable hands-on experience and help them better prepare for their future careers. I am also hosting a hackathon at Ohio University, HackPalachia, a 24-hour event that brings together students from various backgrounds and majors to collaborate and build projects on real-world problems. I am contributing to developing the next generation of leaders and innovators in the community. I am determined to continue working toward a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

Parwinder Singh

Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and Strategic Leadership & Management

Ohio University-Main Campus