From the president

Paola Perez is a second-year CTVA student majoring in film production at CSUN. She is a 4 -year Bridge to the Future Scholars Program recipient. Paola is a high academic achiever on the Dean’s List all four semesters. Paola has participated in numerous community development programs in her home community of Canoga Park. In fact, during her time at CSUN, she has contributed over 100 community service hours, engaging in activities like helping to organize a monthly fresh produce distribution program in the West San Fernando Valley, participating in street clean-ups, and tabling at cultural events like the annual Día de los Muertos celebration in Canoga Park. Paola’s efforts have been particularly prominent in helping to conduct a free, fresh produce distribution program for the community of Canoga Park, a program that serves thousands of individuals each month. Paola has focused her efforts on preparing individualized packages for families. Many of these families’ economic viability has been devastated by the pandemic, and Paola’s efforts help to provide needed food security to these families from under-resourced communities. Paola’s commitment to community engagement activities is a true testament to her commitment to youth development, social justice, and civic engagement.

Erika D. Beck Ph. D.


California State University-Northridge


Personal Statement

I am a film student with hopes of becoming a movie director where I can create an impact on society. I want to use visual storytelling to show the experiences of people in my community. My desire to collaborate and make a positive change in people’s lives has led me to be involved with my community through Bridge to the Future Scholars Program (B2F). I actively volunteer at community events where I get to promote the program, represent CSUN, and support social issues. CalFresh organizes monthly food distributions and I volunteer to prepare free produce bags for families in need. We also load boxes of produce for organizations that provide food for low-income families. I also attend events associated with Canoga Park High School where I get to help high school students learn about college. Because B2F is a collaboration with the high school, I provide guidance for the students applying to the program. I get to give back to the community I grew up in by supporting families and encouraging the youth to pursue a college education. Through these events, I learn about different people and each encounter serves as inspiration for any future films I may work on.

Paola Perez

Cinema and Television Arts

California State University-Northridge